Friday, March 19, 2010

THE NIGHT OWLS Book Release Party, 3/27/10

Saturday, March 27th, at 8 pm, Rocketship is hosting a release party for the latest release from DC Comics' Zuda line... THE NIGHT OWLS!

Created by Robert and Peter Timony, this Harvey-nominated, all-ages, supernatural detective series features feisty flappers, devious troublemakers, and harrowing adventures in warm sepia tones all wrapped up in a comedic Sunday style strip

As one of Zuda's most popular titles, THE NIGHT OWLS has garnered an online viewership of over two million, three Harvey Award nominations (Best New Series, Best Online Comic, Best New Talent), as well as praise and accolades from industry advocates:

"This humorous and intelligent strip reminds people of just how funny comics can be when done correctly."

- Den of Geek

"A fun detective yarn which reminded me of DICK TRACY with its noir settings and freaky villains"

- Ain't it Cool News

"The Night Owls is filled with hilarity, brilliant characterization, and just great craftsmanship ... I loved it so much I had to read the whole run in one sitting."

- Multiversity Comics

Please join us on the 27th!